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Climate Change is a global issue which requires local solutions. With both the federal
government and the United Nations moving at a *glacial* pace to combat Climate
Change, it is clear that cities must proactively invest in their own systems of resilience.
Preparing before the storm occurs. However, rather than seeing climate change
adaptation as a burdensome set of compromises, we see it as an opportunity to merge
agriculture, art, infrastructure, and industry to revolutionize the SouthCoast. Creating a
hub of holistic innovation and environmental restoration. Utilizing cutting edge
advancements in sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and digital technology to
become self-sufficient in terms of food, energy and industrial materials. A micronation in
its own right, the world’s first Smart-City-State.


We live in a highly globalized economy, built upon an increasingly complex and
intertwined web of supply chains which both literally and figuratively span the globe.
Climate change, over-population and protectionist trade policies will cause the cause
the prices of basic goods (food, water, industrial materials) to skyrocket and their supply
to fluctuate. However, by embracing 21st-century technology, eco-conscious methods,
and working together, the SouthCoast can step out of these global supply chains and
become resource secure in a manner which spurs economic development returning
New Bedford to an industry-leading city.


Even if the world were to completely switch to green energy today, we would still deal
with the catastrophic consequences of the pollution that has already occurred. The cake
has been baked. While it is extremely important that we prevent further climate change,
it is just as important to prepare for what we are already set to endure. Being a coastal
city in New England, that means more extreme heat in the summer, more intense
hurricanes, more flash flooding from torrential rainstorms, and most importantly: rising
sea levels. Luckily, with the aforementioned investments in industrial hemp and
food/energy security, we will have the tools to engineer our own resilience and restore
our ecosystems. Destroying nature is what got the human race into this mess, restoring
it is what will get us out. We must live with nature, not ontop of it.

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